1973 Porsche

914 EJ 2.2L



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1973 Porsche

914 EJ 2.2L

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Porsche’s 914 has long been favored by enthusiasts for its low weight, mid-engine chassis, and sharp handling. This 914 combines the enjoyment of the original with a Subaru fuel-injected 2.2L flat-four engine, factory-rated at 40% more horsepower than the original 1.7L flat-four. According to the the seller, the engine received new head-gaskets, timing-belt, water-pump, and much more as part of the swap. A re-spray in factory Bahia Red, 916-style bumpers and 15-inch EMPI wheels punctuate the exterior, while a refurbished interior helps keep occupants comfortable. With its modern heart pumping, this 914 resto-mod is ready to tear up twisty roads.

Vehicle Information

LocationSammamish, Washington 98074
VIN / Chassis4732922328
Mileage96,000 Miles Shown - TMU
EngineSubaru EJ-series 2.2L Flat-Four
Transmission5-Speed Manual
Exterior ColorBahia Red
Interior ColorBlack
Title StatusClean (Washington)
Loan StatusNo loan

Seller Information

Vehicle History & Overview

This 914 is reportedly a factory Bahia Red example originally equipped with a 1.7L air-cooled flat-four. The seller states that the prior owner performed the engine-swap and cooling-system conversion, which utilizes a Subaru EJ22-code 2.2L water-cooled flat-four-cylinder engine. The car also received a re-spray in factory Bahia Red, 916-style bumpers, a refurbished interior, and more. A full list of modifications along with images is shown in the Modifications section.

Over the years, Porsche’s 914 platform has benefited from engine swaps generating more power than the factory. One of the most reliable is the Subaru swap seen here -- an EJ22 2.2L flat-four-cylinder engine. In such swaps, conversion to water-cooling and a more modern, fuel-injected powerplant can yield approximately 40% more power than the original factory 1.7L engine.

The 914 was Porsche’s replacement for the aging 912 and was launched in 1969. Thanks to its light weight and responsive chassis, the 914 earned a reputation as a lively little sports car. A variety of colors were offered, but Bahia Red stands out both because it was shared with the Porsche 911 and because of its namesake Brazilian state, in which the wildest and most colorful Carnival celebrations were held.



  • 15-inch EMPI aluminum "914 style" wheels with

  • Fiberglass 916-style front & rear bumper and rear wind deflector

  • Aftermarket side mirrors

  • Maddog Motorsports inner longitude stiffener kit (stiffens uni-body)

  • Restoration Design metal jack receiver tubes, plates, and jacking donuts

  • Front trunk hydraulic struts upgrade (replaces stock springs)

  • Rear trunk hydraulic struts upgrade (replaces stock springs)


  • AM/FM/CD audio unit with internal hidden antenna

  • Aftermarket coolant temperature gauge

  • Miscellaneous knobs, buttons, adjusters, and other switch gear


  • Subaru EJ22 2.2L flat-four-cylinder engine

  • Sachs clutch kit including clutch disc, pressure plates, throw out bearing

  • Modified engine wiring harness by Busaru

  • SmallCar custom Subaru shortened oil pan kit

  • SmallCar engine mount (Modified to 914 cross-bar)

  • Kennedy Engineering Transmission Adapter

  • Renegade Hybrids coolant hose kit and adapters

  • Aluminum radiator, dual electric cooling fans, and pressure tank

  • Pelican upgraded metal fuel lines

  • Fuel pump, related hoses, and gaskets

  • Upgraded front anti-sway-bar assembly

  • Electric windshield washer retrofit

Servicing & Documentation

The seller reports the following items were serviced, replaced, or repaired during the engine-swap and refurbishment process. Receipts and/or documentation are not included.


  • Respray in factory Bahia Red

  • New factory front windshield

  • Front marker light assemblies (lenses, bulbs and front flood lights)

  • Battery tray metal "Hell Hole" repair kit Installed

  • Front boot gasket


  • Auto Atlanta carpet kit

  • 914 specific rubber dash top cover

  • Horns and rebuilt steering wheel horn switch


  • Head gaskets, timing belt, rollers, and tensioner

  • Water pump and oil pump

  • Alternator and starter motor

  • Ignition coil, spark plug wire set, and spark plugs

  • Knock sensor, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, O2 sensor

  • Throttle cable, clutch cable, and boots

  • Shifter rebuild kit: bushings, boots, etc.

  • Front and rear brake pads, rotors, and rubber hoses

  • Rebuilt brake calipers

  • Fuel tank, gaskets, and seals

  • Interstate battery


  • Odometer is inoperative

  • Headlights only turn on with high beams

  • Heater-core is currently bypassed

  • Keys to do not operate trunk lock (not coded/matched)

Additional Information

The seller has provided videos showing a cold-start, driving, the pop-up headlights, and more below:


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