Selling a car on Marqued: Everything you need to know

Whether it’s your first time selling a classic or your fifth, it’s always wise to brush up on best practices to help your car earn top dollar in a growing, but competitive market. There’s been a steep influx in ways to sell online so it’s important your car stands out—and we’re here to help.

If and when the time comes to sell your car with us, Marqued Auction Specialists will work with you to build a comprehensive, compelling listing to provide a turnkey experience for both buyer and seller. We kindly advise all sellers to consider the following tips prior to and during their live auction.

Selling a car on Marqued: all you need to know

Make your car as sales-ready as possible

It can certainly be an effort getting a car ready for sale, but the less outstanding work or light maintenance the buyer can expect to complete on their side, the more attractive the car is. Whether it’s mechanical or cosmetic, getting closer to the prospect of a ‘turnkey’ car will attract more interested parties.

Collect documents and receipts, organize your ownership timeline, and be ready to present the car to the best of your knowledge. It’s understandable that this isn’t always achievable, but at the very least spending time with the car and identifying its needs will help build a more complete listing. Sometimes, it’s the details that make the difference.

A proper wash and detail goes a long way

Invest in your car’s first impression. Whether it’s in photos or during a live showing, helping the car present as the best version of itself does wonders. As a plus, as a seasoned detailer may help identify or iron out any minor blemishes in the paint or bodywork — all added value.

Good photos are critical

It cannot be emphasized enough how important great photos are (ideally after the aforementioned detailing). You want to give potential bidders the confidence to engage in a sight unseen purchase. Hiring a photographer is also becoming more and more commonplace.

We've prepared a photo kit to help get you started.

Transparency is key

The more thorough and transparent you are, both in the presentation of your vehicle and responsiveness to prospective buyers, the better. On Marqued, interested parties are able to ask questions directly in the comments section or contact you via the ‘Contact Seller’ button. These messages will be sent directly to your inbox where a prompt response is always advised.

Willingness to perform a pre-purchase inspection

If a potential buyer is requesting a pre-purchase inspection it’s normally a sign they are serious about the car. This can present some additional work in taking the vehicle to the desired mechanic, but is common practice and done in the spirit of transparency. In some cases, sellers will have a PPI done ahead of the sale to share will all prospective buyers, but this is not mandatory.

Selling a car on Marqued: all you need to know

Be engaged in the auction

Auction onlookers are commonly reading questions and answers between other prospective bidders and the sellers, thus a prompt response benefits not only the person asking questions but the entire community. Keep in mind when responding to comments they are viewable by all auction onlookers. Thorough and prompt responses are key in a smooth auction process.

Transaction tips

While discretionary, escrow services are becoming increasingly common in online car purchases and can be a safe way to ensure all parties are comfortable with the transaction, especially when shipping is involved. Further, it’s also advisable to avoid any fishy forms of payment like checks sent via mail. Unless conducting a face-to-face transaction at a bank where cash can be verified on the spot, it’s best to use a bank to bank wire transfer which you can also verify with your bank.

Release of paperwork

If the buyer is having the vehicle shipped, it’s normally advised to not ship the pertinent vehicle documentation with the vehicle. Instead, send them separately with a tracking number to avoid loss in transit.

Want to work with Marqued?

We’re always looking to meet and work with great sellers. Click here if you’d like to submit your vehicle to be auctioned on Marqued. Our team will get back to you within 72 hours with an aim to get the car on the market as soon as you’re ready.

Selling a car on Marqued: all you need to know

Legal disclaimer

Porsche Digital, Inc. is not an automobile broker, dealer or traditional auctioneer and we do not sell, exchange, buy, or offer for sale, negotiate or attempt to negotiate, a sale or exchange of an interest in any vehicle listed on the website or utilizing the services. Porsche Digital, Inc. has not ever: (I) held title for any vehicle listed on the website, (2) inspected any vehicle listed on the website or (3) had any vehicles listed on the website in its legal possession.

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