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For a limited time, list your vehicle for free. New sellers also get a $250 listing bonus!

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Why Marqued

For a limited time only, we're waiving the listing fee for all sellers. List your vehicle for free. And as an added bonus, new sellers get a $250 listing bonus!

Low Fees

Our Seller’s Fee is just $99 for reserve auctions and $49 for no-reserve auctions or repeat sellers.
For a limited time only, our Seller’s Fee is $0 - list your vehicle for free!
Also, a low 5% Buyer’s Fee capped at $5,000 means you’ll receive more interest and higher bids.

Two-Week Auctions

Our auctions run in 14-day lots, with a new collection of vehicles launching every Tuesday. Sellers have more time to answer bidder’s questions, plus more flexibility to show the vehicle.

Fast Turnaround

We’ll get to work as soon as you submit your vehicle. Your auction will be built quickly and go live during a time that’s convenient for you.

We Build It For You

Our team works directly with you from start to finish. We’ll write and organize your entire listing, provide a free vehicle history report (for 1981+ vehicles), and ensure your auction runs smoothly.

Fair Reserves

We track the market to ensure that your reserve is accurate. Our team believes in offering reasonable reserves based on data, not opinions or haggling.

How it works

Selling your vehicle on Marqued is simple and straightforward. Our dedicated team will work with you from start to finish. Here's how it works:

1. Submit Your Vehicle

  • Please submit initial information about your vehicle via our free and easy auction submission form!

  • We’ll review your form to see if the vehicle is a good fit, ask any questions, and agree on reserve pricing.

  • Once approved, we’ll collect more information about your vehicle, including ownership and service history and photos, and you’ll pay the Seller’s Fee.

2. We Build the Auction

  • We’ll assign your vehicle to one of our Specialists, who builds the custom auction presentation for you.

  • Your Specialist sends their completed auction draft to an Editor, who ensures quality and accuracy.

  • We’ll send you the final auction draft, which you can approve or request edits to.

3. Your Auction Goes Live

  • Once you approve the final draft, we'll schedule the auction based on your preferences and availability.

  • Your auction is live for 14 days! Users can bid, comment, and ask you questions in real-time.

4. After the Auction

  • If your vehicle sells, we’ll connect you directly with the winner to complete the deal!

  • If your vehicle doesn't meet its reserve, we’ll work with you and the highest bidder to make a deal.


We're here to help. Please review our FAQ section, or contact us directly at

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