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Who We Are

Marqued, a venture of Porsche Digital, Inc., focuses on classic and modern-classic vehicles. We provide an exciting and transparent auction platform, plus unique content from owners and experts. This is a community for enthusiasts of all types to buy and sell, gain knowledge, and share their passion.

Curated Auction Inventory

We vet every vehicle submission. Each approved listing includes extensive photos, detailed descriptions, and a vehicle history report (for 1981+ vehicles). Our Market Insider newsletter provides the latest marketplace updates--to subscribe, click here!

Two-Week Auctions

No more rushing to complete everything in just a week. Our auctions run in 14-day lots, with a new collection of vehicles launching every Tuesday. Bidders have ample time to arrange inspections and ask questions, and sellers have more flexibility to show the vehicle.

Fast Turnaround

We'll get to work as soon as you submit your vehicle. Your auction will be built quickly and go live during a time that's convenient for you.

Fair Reserves

We track the market to ensure that our reserves are accurate. Our team believes in offering reasonable reserves based on data, not opinions or haggling.

Low Fees

Our Seller's Fee is just $99 for reserve auctions and $49 for no-reserve auctions or repeat sellers.
For a limited time only, our Seller's Fee is $0 - list your vehicle for free!
Also, a low 5% Buyer's Fee means you'll receive more interest and higher bids.

Premier Content

Stories, market updates, guides, and more keep you up-to-date on the classic and modern-classic world. The Marqued Weekly newsletter keeps you up-to-date on the latest stories--to subscribe, click here!

Need to get in touch? Contact us directly at, we're here to help.


Ready to bid on a vehicle? We've made the process easy and secure. Here's how it works:

1. Register to Bid

  • Get familiar with our Terms of Use and see our FAQ below - this is important!

  • Register to bid. All bidders on Marqued register a credit card to cover the Buyer's Fee (5% of the winning bid - min $250).

2. Review the Listing

  • Review the auction page to get familiar with the vehicle being offered.

  • Ask the seller questions via the comments section or by using the Contact Seller button.

3. Place Your Bid

  • Place your bid, and we'll put a temporary hold on your credit card for the Buyer's Fee.

  • If you're outbid, return to the auction page to place another bid.

  • To keep things fair, bids placed within the auction's final 90 seconds reset the timer to 90 seconds.

4. After the Auction

  • If you're the winning bidder, we'll charge the Buyer's Fee to your credit card and connect you directly with the seller to complete the deal!

  • If you aren't the winner, we release all credit card holds as soon as the auction ends.

  • If a vehicle doesn't meet its reserve, we'll work with the highest bidder and the seller to make a deal.


Selling your vehicle on Marqued is simple and straightforward. Our dedicated team will work with you from start to finish. Here's how it works:

1. Submit Your Vehicle

  • Please submit initial information about your vehicle via our free and easy auction submission form!

  • We'll review your form to see if the vehicle is a good fit, ask any questions, and agree on reserve pricing.

  • Once approved, we'll collect more information about your vehicle, including ownership and service history and photos, and you'll pay the Seller's Fee.

2. We Build the Auction

  • We'll assign your vehicle to one of our Specialists, who builds the custom auction presentation for you.

  • Your Specialist sends their completed auction draft to an Editor, who ensures quality and accuracy.

  • We'll send you the final auction draft, which you can approve or request edits to.

3. Your Auction Goes Live

  • Once you approve the final draft, we'll schedule the auction based on your preferences and availability.

  • Your auction is live for 14 days! Users can bid, comment, and ask you questions in real-time.

4. After the Auction

  • If your vehicle sells, we'll connect you directly with the winner to complete the deal!

  • If your vehicle doesn't meet its reserve, we'll work with you and the highest bidder to make a deal.


Auction Basics

How long do auctions last?

Do auctions start or end on weekends?

What currency are bids in?

What price do auctions start at?

What are the minimum bidding increments?


Seller Basics

How much does it cost to auction a vehicle on Marqued?

How does Marqued choose which vehicles to accept for auction?

Can I sell a car located outside of the US?

Does Marqued offer vehicles located in Canada or Puerto Rico?

Can I sell a vehicle with a loan?

Can I sell a vehicle on behalf of the owner, such as a relative or friend?

Can dealers sell vehicles on Marqued?

Submitting Vehicles

How do I submit my vehicle?

How do I take photos of my vehicle?

How do I request a reserve price?

Do you recommend selling without a reserve?

Can I choose a specific date for my auction to go live?

Building The Auction

Who writes my auction listing?

Can I write my own auction listing?

Can I edit the listing myself?

During the Auction

How should I respond to questions and comments during my auction?

Is my reserve price kept private from bidders?

How do I lower my reserve price?

Can I offer my vehicle for sale in other places while my auction is live?

Can I bid on my own auction?

Can I show my vehicle to interested bidders while my auction is live?

Can I sell my car while my auction is live?

Can I cancel my live auction?


Buyer Basics

What is a Buyer's Fee, and how much is it?

Is there a “buy it now” price for vehicles being auctioned?

Can I get a loan on a vehicle that I want to bid on?

Does Marqued allow international bidders?


How does bidding work?

How do I register to bid?

What payment methods do you accept?

How do I update my credit or debit card information?

How do I place a bid?

Is there a proxy bidding system on Marqued?

Why is a hold placed on my card when I bid?

When is my card hold released?

I tried to bid, but my card hold was declined. Now what?

Can I cancel my bid?

During the Auction

How do I find out what a vehicle's reserve price is?

How do I tell if a vehicle does not have a reserve?

Who builds the auction listing descriptions?

How do I contact the seller directly?

Can I inspect a vehicle in-person myself?

Can I have a pre-purchase inspection completed by a mechanic?

Are there rules to follow when inspecting a vehicle?

Can I buy a vehicle outside of the auction?

After the Auction


What happens after my vehicle sells?

How do I receive payment for my vehicle?

What if a buyer needs to ship my vehicle?

Who is responsible for shipping costs?

What happens if my vehicle doesn't meet its reserve price?

Can I re-list my vehicle if it doesn't sell?

What if the winner of my auction doesn't follow through with buying the vehicle?

Should I use a Bill of Sale?


What happens after the auction ends and I am the winning bidder?

Can I back out of a purchase if I win the auction?

How long do I have to pay for the vehicle?

How do I pay for a vehicle?

What if I need to ship the vehicle?

Who is responsible for shipping costs?

What happens if a vehicle doesn't meet its reserve price?

Comments & Community Rules

How do I post a comment?

How do I reply to a comment?

What happens when I flag a comment?

What are the commenting community guidelines?


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How to sell a car online

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