1974 Volkswagen

Vokaro Kit Car



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1974 Volkswagen

Vokaro Kit Car

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Some cars are just fun. This Volkswagen Beetle-based Vokaro roadster, by Vopard Industries, is one such vehicle. A shortened 1974 Beetle chassis, lightweight fiberglass roadster body, and sprightly 1600cc air-cooled flat-four engine make for lively performance. Custom silver paint with a painted black stripe is paired with a two-tone black/red interior. This car also features a four-wheel disc brake upgrade for improved stopping performance. No matter where it goes, this Vokaro is sure to attract plenty of attention while providing its new owner with a true roadster experience at NO RESERVE.

Vehicle Information

LocationKingston, Wisconsin 53926
VIN / Chassis1142642525
Mileage91,300 Miles Shown - TMU
Engine1600cc Air-Cooled Flat-Four
Transmission4-Speed Manual
Exterior ColorSilver w/Black Stripe
Interior ColorBlack/Red
Title StatusClean (Arizona)
Loan StatusNo loan

Seller Information

Vehicle History & Overview

This Vokaro started life as a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. The chassis was then shortened and fitted with Vopard Industries fiberglass roadster bodywork. Silver paint with a painted black stripe was applied, and a black and red interior was installed. The vehicle has also received a four-wheel disc brake upgrade.

The Volkswagen Beetle is legendary for its mechanical simplicity and durability. As a result, it should be no surprise that Vopard Industries used the Beetle for its line of fiberglass bodied kit-cars. The Vokaro is the two-seat roadster version and uses a shortened Beetle chassis as its base. The powerplant was often dependent on the donor Beetle, but engine options are nearly limitless thanks to the Beetle's massive aftermarket support.


  • 1974 Beetle chassis and powertrain

    • 1600cc air-cooled flat-four cylinder engine

    • 4-speed manual transmission

  • Shortened Volkswagen Beetle chassis

  • Fiberglass roadster bodywork

  • Silver paint with a painted black stripe

  • 15" wheels with Yokohama AVS ES100 tires

  • Four-wheel disc brake conversion

  • Two-tone black and red upholstery

  • Bucket seats

  • Aftermarket three-spoke steering wheel

  • SunPro tachometer

  • VDO speedometer and odometer

  • EMPI shifter


  • Inoperative windshield wipers and turn signals

  • Paint chips on some surfaces, as shown in the images below

Additional Information

  • This Vokaro is listed as a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle on the current Arizona title.


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