1976 Porsche

911S Targa



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1976 Porsche

911S Targa

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Few sports cars are as iconic as an impact-bumper 911 with a Targa top, particularly when finished in quintessential Guards Red. This S model benefits from many upgrades that enhance both appearance and performance. It is powered by a 3.0L flat-six transplanted from a 911SC, which was refurbished in January 2023, less than 1,500 miles ago as part of $19,000+ in recent servicing. Under prior ownership, this Targa received metal rear fender flares that create the signature Coke-bottle appearance we all love. A late-model lower front valance with integrated fog-lights was added to create some additional visual presence. All that’s needed now is a new owner to remove the Targa panel and enjoy this upgraded 911S on a spirited drive.

Vehicle Information

LocationFairfield, California 94534
VIN / Chassis9116210722
Mileage107,200 Miles Shown - TMU
Engine3.0L Flat-Six
Transmission5-Speed Manual
Exterior ColorRed
Interior ColorBeige
Title StatusClean (California)
Loan StatusNo loan

Seller Information

Vehicle History & Overview

The seller acquired this 911S Targa in March 2023 and has added less than 1,000 of the 107,100 miles shown. A prior owner reportedly added welded-in 911SC rear fender flares, a late-model 911 G-series front lower valance with integrated fog-lights, and a 911SC rear engine lid. Subsequently, the 911 car received a re-spray in Guards Red. Included documentation details the refurbishment process for the 911SC 3.0L flat-six-cylinder engine and other components, such as an upgraded clutch and MSD 6AL ignition system. Other modifications comprise an upgraded touchscreen stereo with graphic equalizers, upgraded door speakers, a speaker enclosure replacing the rear seats, back-up camera, and more. Lower dash panels and ashtray, factory owner’s manuals, manuals for the stereo, and one key are included.



    • Late-model G-series 911 front lower valance with integrated fog-lights

    • Later-model 911SC-style rear fender flares

    • 16" Fuchs alloy wheels

    • Leather front hood cover


    • Modified lower dash panels

    • Bosch voltmeter, vacuum/boost, and amp-meter gauges in place of stock radio

    • Eclipse and Fujitsu Ten graphic equalizers

    • Boss Audio touch-screen audio unit

    • Upgraded door speakers and a custom enclosure in place of rear seat-backs

    • Back-up camera

    • K40 radar detector

    • Aftermarket window switches

    • Clifford alarm system

    • Aftermarket shift-knob


    • 3.0L flat-six-cylinder engine from a later-model 911SC

    • MSD 6AL ignition system

    • Upgraded clutch assembly

Servicing & Documentation

  • Engine refurbishment documentation from January 2023, less than 1,500 miles ago, and totaling more than $19,800 is displayed below, with highlights listed here:

    • Refurbished cylinder heads

    • Chain tensioner update kit

    • Machined crankshaft with replacement main and rod bearings

    • Fuel distributor rebuilt

    • New clutch kit and flywheel

    • New engine and transmission mounts

  • An invoice detailing replacement of the tie-rod ends with upgraded components from the contemporary 911 Turbo is shown below.


  • Spot of discoloration on dashboard

  • Steering wheel leather is worn

  • Driver's seat outer seat-back bolster is patched

  • Weather stripping missing in some areas, such as between the door panel and frame

Included Items

  • 1977 model-year factory owner's manuals

  • Manuals for stereo and back-up camera

  • Lower dash panels and ashtray

  • One key

Additional Information

  • A walk-around video and three driving videos are shown below.


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