Moonstone: The custodianship of an extinct Porsche color

Written and photographed by Shayan Bokaie

Imagine ordering it new. Brushing past a safe silver, a simple black, or a striking red and putting an order down for this: a Lilac Porsche 911. Moonstone, as it’s also known, was color code L601 and only available for the 911 in 1979. In most light, you’d easily mistake it for Grand Prix White. Almost like an optical illusion, it's one of those colors that requires a proper double take to fully understand and appreciate. Thus, it's not difficult to imagine that enthusiasts who opted for a lavender livery were few and far between in period. 

Forty plus years later, though, what was once an unpopular color has now become a rare piece of Porsche history. How many were produced? We don’t exactly know, but deductive reasoning and some forum chatter suggest less than 25 examples across all Porsche models. As always, some disappear. Others are repainted. But what you’re looking at here is one of the few remaining examples wearing factory paint. Given the limited production years, it could very well be one of the rarest Porsche shades ever made.

After speaking with the previous owner for an hour and a half, I knew I had to be its next caretaker.

Photographed by Shayan Bokaie

Enter Los Angeles-based collector Jeremy Globerson, who added this ‘79 SC to his collection last year. Interestingly, his garage already has a G-era 911. His 1987 911 Targa finished in Venetian Blue Metallic indicates the addition of the Moonstone car is beyond experiencing another G-body. “Not only was I not looking for an SC, I genuinely had no interest in them. I was looking to replace my ‘73 911T with a 911S until a friend made me aware of this car. Immediately, the year and model became insignificant—this was something special. After speaking with the previous owner for an hour and a half, I knew I had to be its next caretaker,” Jeremy explains.


Photographed by Shayan Bokaie

Niche color, niche community.

Moonstone has also built its own micro-community—another fascinating case study in how enthusiasts congregate, even around color. The torch has now been passed 3 times on this Moonstone, and the owners are still in touch leaving its lineage well-documented and intact. Its former owner, Justin Roeser, has become somewhat of a juggernaut in the Moonstone world. He currently owns Porsche 924 and is soon to own a 911SC Targa Sportomatic, both of which also had the L601 option ticked.

The custodianship of an extinct colormoonstone

Photographed by Shayan Bokaie

The owners circle is small, but enthusiasts who know how rare Moonstone are often floored when they see it in person. "It's not a 'for-everyone' color. When I had my 924 at the Radwood show, there was a girl standing next to it and almost crying because she'd always wanted a Moonstone car. I could feel her emotion towards the color. Color is what unites the brand," Justin shares.

Moonstone looks her age in all the best ways. I genuinely prefer it and now have a humble sense of responsibility to preserve it while adding my own rock chips.

Originality is the name, preservation is the game.

It’s not without its bumps and bruises, either. But that’s what’s most attractive about this car to Globerson—the car ‘lived a life’, as they say. Jeremy continues, "The car is ceramic coated which helps a ton with day-to-day wear. I may fix some very minor blemishes here and there with touchup paint just to protect against any potential corrosion. Other than that, I proudly display its age and beauty marks. These wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I think they make it beautiful."


When you buy such a rare specimen, its preservation is part of the deal. Yes, you must enjoy the car—that goes without saying. But there is also a sense of duty in caring for it beyond your term of ownership. Ultimately, the moonshot Moonstone story must go on. Jeremy concludes, "The car has wear, Moonstone looks her age in all the best ways. I genuinely prefer it and now have a humble sense of responsibility to preserve it while adding my own rock chips."

Photographed by Shayan Bokaie

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More about Jeremy

You can follow Jeremy and his saga with the Moonstone on IG (@jglobe).

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