The Morton Street Partners x Meyers Manx ‘Winter Surf’ exhibit in NYC is a must catch wave

Written by Marqued Staff

Jan 6, 2023

It’s not something you’d expect to see in the winter cityscape of Manhattan. Three dune buggies cruising through the streets of NYC in sub-thirty degree weather navigating yellow cabs and potholes alike will stop pedestrians in their tracks, even in the pouring rain. Their destination? The ‘Winter Surf’ exhibition at Morton Street Partners West Village gallery done in collaboration with Meyers Manx, which is on display until January 28th.


Unbeknownst to most onlookers, these aren’t just *dune buggies*, they are rolling works of beach and car culture, including Steve McQueen’s iconic Meyers Manx dune buggy from The Thomas Crown Affair. Also on display are a newly constructed Meyers Manx Classic Kit Vehicle, the off-road prototype dubbed the “Shake” designed by Bertone, and a Citroën Mehari Club Cassis EV conversion.

Adding to the celebration of rebellion and counterculture is 60’s Butalco motorcycle converted to a snowmobile and installation of surfboards from Noah. “There are few vehicles that have had such a lasting impression on pop culture as the Meyers Manx, so we are incredibly excited to have such rich source material for this exhibition– examining it as both as an object of modern design and of cultural permanence. The irony of a dune buggy exhibition taking place in Manhattan during the coldest season of the year is not lost on us– the idea of surfing the sand dunes during a snowstorm was simply too intriguing to ignore,” shares Jake Auerbach, founding partner, Morton Street Partners.

Photo by Sansho Scott | BFA

If you’ve tucked away your classic for the winter season and are looking for an automotive oasis or just happen to be on the East Coast, ‘Winter Surf’ is a must visit installation. “The Meyers Manx has always been a symbol of joyous adventure. It plays a central role in 1960’s pop culture, and its design is underpinned by a track record of great accomplishments offroad. I am excited to share this pivotal piece of an automotive era with New Yorkers this holiday season,” explains Phillip Sarofim, chairman, Meyers Manx.


Meyers Manx is the original fiberglass dune buggy kit car company, created by Bruce Meyers and now owned by Phillip Sarofim’s Trousdale Ventures. Bruce Meyers had a vision for fun when he designed and built the first-ever fiberglass body dune buggy in the 1960s. Now, over 50 years later, Phillip Sarofim has taken the wheel to expand that vision globally by bringing “More Smiles Per Mile” than anything else on four wheels.

Morton Street Partners is a new curatorial project and advisory merging the worlds of contemporary art and collectible cars. Founded by collectible car experts Tom Hale, Jake Auerbach, and Benjamin Tarlow, Morton Street Partners is committed to generating dynamic programming that re-contextualizes automobiles within the worlds of art and design. By educating visitors and clients about the theoretical lineage and definitive craft inherent to automotive design, their hybrid exhibitions continue to situate the automobile within its ascendent fine art and collectible asset context.


You can get full details on exhibition hours on Morton Street Partners website or Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Trevor Dalton, Shayan Bokaie, BFA

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